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Moretti's Castle by Karin Harrison

Moretti’s Castle

By Karin Harrison When Alvaro Moretti comes to America in 1921 at the age of 18, he had no idea what the future has in store for him. Robbed on his first day in this land of opportunity, Alvaro’s prospects seem dim. His dream to work as a stonemason for a friend of his father […]

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The Tapping Stick by D. A. Jennings

The Tapping Stick

By D. A. Jennings Children, of all ages, will want to pick up a stick and set out for adventure after reading this creative illustrated book. The Tapping Stick sparks the imagination and entices the reader to step outside and explore nature. The story and Illustrations pay tribute to a variety of trees and depict […]

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Harford County Living with Rich Bennett

Steven Landry on Harford County Living Podcast

On this episode of Harford County Living with Rich Bennett, coming to you from the Freedom Federal Credit Union studios, Rich speaks with Author Steven Landry. Steven has written “The Legend of Indian Stream” and co-authored “Old Farts in Space: Journey of a Lifetime”. These are two books that are a must-have if you enjoy humor, sci-fi and/or […]

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Cheese? Yes, Please! by D. A. Jennings

Cheese? Yes, Please!

By D. A. Jennings An illustrated book for early readers, Cheese? Yes, Please? is a sequel to Seize the Cheese. Kip, the mischievous mouse continues his antics and meets his match. Come along on his adventure and meet his new friend as they use their imaginations and encounter wild animals, surf the ocean, find buried […]

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As You Were The Military Review

A Life After War

By Sharon Baier Poem posted in Military Experience & the Arts As You Were: The Military Review Volume 12 Military Experience & the Arts work with veterans and their families to publish short stories, essays, poems, and artwork

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Mia: Ripples in the Water by D. A. Jennings

Mia Ripples in the Water

By D. A. Jennings Adventure may be found in distant lands and among exotic creatures, but risk-taking isn’t limited to faraway places. It may be discovered when loneliness finds friendship or when fear gives way to courage. Join Mia on her travels as she encounters Africa’s wild animals and birds, and wrestles with the strained […]

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Stu Kangaroo by Joanne Galantino

Stu Kangaroo

by Joanne Galantino Stu Kangaroo is not your average joey. Instead of jumping and boxing as other kangaroos do, Stu’s dream is drawing and designing ladies’ clothes and accessories. Carefully composed in rhythmic, flowing rhyme, Stu Kangaroo shows how and why someone should believe in and follow the hopes and dreams in one’s heart. Pick […]

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The Secret Picture by Karin Harrison

The Secret Picture

By Karin Harrison Exploring the passenger quarters of the Canadian cruise ship S.S. Keewatin with her parents, beautiful, free-spirited Maria Amoss leaves the group of tourists and stays behind to check out the bridal suite, where she falls asleep. She is awakened by footsteps pounding the passageway, accompanied by loud voices. The tourists, including her […]

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The Maids of Chateau Vernet by Steven Landry and Katie Rae Sank

The Maids of Chateau Vernet

A soldier from the future finds himself stuck in a world at war with a hearty supply of military technology, a team of unexpected heroes, and a reason to fight. This collaborative work weaves an action filled adventure with science fiction, alternative history, and a dynamic cast of

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Old Farts in Space edited by Steven Landry

Old Farts in Space

Edited by Steven Landry Looking for adventure? Climb aboard The Good Ship January 1955 Beta on a farcical journey to the Sagittarius system. Thirteen passengers – most of them over 70 years old – serve one-month shifts out of stasis to help guide the Good Ship while the crew of four and the other 65,000 […]

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Seize the Cheese by D. A. Jennings

Seize the Cheese

By D. A. Jennings Meet Kip. A mischievous mouse who wears sunglasses, runs around with a knot in his tail, and carries with him the mystery of why he has part of his ear missing. Kip will wiggle his way into your funny bone, and have you pulling your hair out because of his pranks.

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Coffee and Peach Cake by Karin Harrison

Coffee and Peach Cake

By Karin Harrison A Missouri-born family journeys west to start a new life. A murderous jewel thief meets justice in Hawaii. A young couple takes a tragic hike on the arches of Utah. A West Virginia coal miner discovers a personal talent that brings him sudden fame. Henry VIII becomes bored with his sixth wife […]

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The Legend of Indian Stream by Steven Landry

The Legend of Indian Stream

By Steven Landry Historians don’t know much about the North American Republic of Indian Stream—mostly that it existed for only five years before becoming little more than a footnote in history textbooks. But in Steven Landry’s debut novel, an alternative timeline makes the Republic—situated north of New Hampshire’s White Mountains and having recently seceded from […]

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One Hundred Lives by D. A. Jennings

One Hundred Lives

By D. A. Jennings Slip into shoes that walk city streets or traverse the fields. Sit on the corner with arrogance. Laugh about neuticles and nose pickers. Tip your hat to the brave. Tremble at the monster under your bed. Walk with strangers as you live one hundred lives.

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The Tainted Lens by Karin Harrison

The Tainted Lens

By Karin Harrison This taut thriller by Karin Harrison flashes between the past and the present as a desperate man fights for his life and strives to discover the truth behind a violent act. Ever since his father died of a heart attack, Kyle Weldon has struggled, unable to understand how God could let such […]

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American Sports Legends Your Turn to Score by D. A. Jennings

American Sports Legends: Your Turn to Score

By D. A. Jennings Sports enthusiasts, get in the game. Test yourself on how well you know your American sports legends from the early 1900’s to the present. Sixty-eight athletes, from twenty-three different sports, are featured in this book. You may know their triumphs and disappointments, but do you know their backstories? Read about them […]

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Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected

Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected

By Sue Batton Leonard Gift of a Lifetime is indeed that…a story of how the simplest words can have the most impact on our lives. Sue Leonard’s memoir is filled with a summer’s sweet memories of childhood; and deepened with the introduction of Sue’s beloved Fanny. Sue’s ability, through dialogue, to share Fanny’s voice and […]

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The Wrath of the North Star by Karin Harrison

The Wrath of the North Star (Second Edition)

by Karin Harrison The Sullivan family is devoted to their church. They revere the clergy and raise their three children in accordance with church law. Their meeting with Sean, a young man studying for the priesthood at a local seminary, leads to friendship and he spends much time at the Sullivan home. Their lives change […]

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Hermann’s Ruhe

By Karin Harrison With her husband away fighting a futile war Helen, her three children and her elderly parents struggle to survive every single day. The Nazi Regime is oppressive and brutal. As war rages on, food is scarce, and their stamina wavers. When their town faces its final battle, they escape to Hermann’s Ruhe, […]

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