Offering writers a venue for sharing their work with a group of like-minded fellows. Providing feedback through discussion and critique.

In 1999, a small group of Harford Community College students completed the creative writing course and decided to meet on a regular basis to exchange ideas and provide support as they pursued their passion for writing. Initially, the Harford Writers’ Group (HWG) members met at each other’s homes but decided to open the meetings for other aspiring writers to join and selected a place easily accessible to the public. Each month, the meetings became a place where members could share excerpts from works in progress; exchange tips and information; discuss conventions such as character, plot, narrative, and tone; find support and encouragement to submit their work for publication; and, learn to deal with rejection (which can devastate a writer’s confidence). Sharing their experiences encouraged the group members to use rejection as a positive tool to improve their work through revision.

Today the group numbers more than 30 members and the format has expanded to include occasional speakers to educate the members in how to write more eloquent prose and poetry. The group typically meets on the first Thursday of each month via Zoom from 6:30 pm to 8:30 p.m.

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