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American Sports Legends Your Turn to Score by D. A. Jennings

American Sports Legends: Your Turn to Score

By D. A. Jennings

Sports enthusiasts, get in the game. Test yourself on how well you know your American sports legends from the early 1900’s to the present. Sixty-eight athletes, from twenty-three different sports, are featured in this book. You may know their triumphs and disappointments, but do you know their backstories? Read about them and determine who the athletes are, as well as their sports and featured events. Poems of these legends depict men and women who have overcome obstacles of race, gender, social status, economics, age and physical challenges. The book is designed to entertain the individual reader as well as the competitor who wants to challenge friends and rivals to a sports trivia contest. Find out just how much you know by uncovering the clues from poem titles and verse. If you get hung up, there are three separate hint sections, plus a complete answer key which provides the athlete’s name, sport, highlighted event, date and place. Their stories will inspire and challenge. Game on.

Published: September 25, 2015

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