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The Legend of Indian Stream by Steven Landry

The Legend of Indian Stream

By Steven Landry

Historians don’t know much about the North American Republic of Indian Stream—mostly that it existed for only five years before becoming little more than a footnote in history textbooks.

But in Steven Landry’s debut novel, an alternative timeline makes the Republic—situated north of New Hampshire’s White Mountains and having recently seceded from the United States and British Canada to build the purest of democracies—the perfect landing spot for the Fallon Party, a group hailing from 2035 intent on stopping a deadly plague in its tracks.

Thunder pestis”—a mutation of the black death—first emerged in Confederate prison camps. Centuries later, after becoming weaponized, drug and vaccine resistant, it’s poised to destroy humankind. Corcoran Fallon is set to change everything when he lands in 1832, but he must first help the small yet hardy Republic survive a variety of forces, from British invaders to American spies.

In this fusion of science fiction and alternative history, you’ll be transported to a universe filled with nanovaccines, destructive temporal tides, and temporal artifacts—where time misbehaves and all life ceases to exist.

Will the Fallon Party find Patient Zero before it’s permanently too late?

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Published: July 5, 2017

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