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D. A. Jennings

D. A. Jennings

D. A. Jennings is a storyteller, who observes the world around her, and delivers her findings one poetic line at a time. She provides hope, inspiration and laughter by writing about human frailty, triumph, and the lighter side of life. Her first book, American Sports Legends: Your Turn to Score, is a poetic sports trivia challenge to identify 68 sports legends from 1912 through 2015. Her second book, One Hundred Lives: Life and Nature Poured into Poetry, is scheduled to be published in 2016. A number of her poems will appear in Voices from the Susquehanna, Volume III, also to be released in 2016. Ms. Jennings’ educational background includes an undergraduate degree in Broadcasting from the University of Texas at El Paso, a master’s in Public Human Resources Administration from Central Michigan University, and graduation from the Army Management Staff College. She helped develop the teaching curriculum for the Harford Community College Writers’ School. She holds a special affinity for the American Soldier, based on her thirty-plus years of working as a civilian for the Department of the Army.

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The Tapping Stick by D. A. Jennings

The Tapping Stick

By D. A. Jennings

Children, of all ages, will want to pick up a stick and set out for adventure after reading this creative illustrated book. The Tapping Stick sparks the imagination and entices the reader to step outside and explore nature. The story and Illustrations pay tribute to a variety of trees and depict what a simple stick can become in a child’s hand. It also provides a powerful message to give back to our earth.

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Published: June 1, 2021

Cheese? Yes, Please! by D. A. Jennings

Cheese? Yes, Please!

By D. A. Jennings

An illustrated book for early readers, Cheese? Yes, Please? is a sequel to Seize the Cheese. Kip, the mischievous mouse continues his antics and meets his match. Come along on his adventure and meet his new friend as they use their imaginations and encounter wild animals, surf the ocean, find buried treasure and so much more! Other children’s books by the author include Seize the Cheese, and a chapter book for early readers, Mia, Ripples in the Water, recognized by the 2020 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards for Children’s Fiction.

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Published: July 19, 2020

Mia: Ripples in the Water by D. A. Jennings

Mia Ripples in the Water

By D. A. Jennings

Adventure may be found in distant lands and among exotic creatures, but risk-taking isn’t limited to faraway places. It may be discovered when loneliness finds friendship or when fear gives way to courage. Join Mia on her travels as she encounters Africa’s wild animals and birds, and wrestles with the strained relationship between her and her two oldest brothers. Learn about the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of a sister she never knew, and find out what it means to follow the ripples in the water.

Published: October 18, 2019

Seize the Cheese by D. A. Jennings

Seize the Cheese

By D. A. Jennings

Meet Kip. A mischievous mouse who wears sunglasses, runs around with a knot in his tail, and carries with him the mystery of why he has part of his ear missing. Kip will wiggle his way into your funny bone, and have you pulling your hair out because of his pranks.

Published: October 21, 2017

One Hundred Lives by D. A. Jennings

One Hundred Lives

By D. A. Jennings

Slip into shoes that walk city streets or traverse the fields. Sit on the corner with arrogance. Laugh about neuticles and nose pickers. Tip your hat to the brave. Tremble at the monster under your bed. Walk with strangers as you live one hundred lives.

Published: October 1, 2016

American Sports Legends Your Turn to Score by D. A. Jennings

American Sports Legends: Your Turn to Score

By D. A. Jennings

Sports enthusiasts, get in the game. Test yourself on how well you know your American sports legends from the early 1900’s to the present. Sixty-eight athletes, from twenty-three different sports, are featured in this book. You may know their triumphs and disappointments, but do you know their backstories? Read about them and determine who the athletes are, as well as their sports and featured events. Poems of these legends depict men and women who have overcome obstacles of race, gender, social status, economics, age and physical challenges. The book is designed to entertain the individual reader as well as the competitor who wants to challenge friends and rivals to a sports trivia contest. Find out just how much you know by uncovering the clues from poem titles and verse. If you get hung up, there are three separate hint sections, plus a complete answer key which provides the athlete’s name, sport, highlighted event, date and place. Their stories will inspire and challenge. Game on.

Published: September 25, 2015

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