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Of Colors Two and That Monday Morning
by Charmaine Robertson

Oh, the Windy, Windy Weather!
by Nancy Rent

by Larry Garnett

Lakeview Manor Murders Submission 12
by Jim Wheeler

Worse than Black Licorice
by Fatimah Walee

by Sharon Baier

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Voices from the Susquehanna Volume III: Poetry and Art

Volume 3 CoverWelcome to Voices from the Susquehanna, Volume III the work of seventeen poets and artists. Step in and ponder love, beauty, and loss; the nature of poetry; the humor and mystery of aging; the end of time and the beginning of life. Walk down Main Street, Bourbon Street and the Ma and Pa Trail; meet creatures alien but familiar; spend time with robots, the homeless, the ocean, dragons, yoga, a wise fish, the moon, and every season. The poems present diversity of form--from familiar rhyme schemes to blank verse; from highly structured to whimsical. Some suggest a story in three lines. Some place the reader at the storyteller's knee for pages. Likewise the artists' images range from the highly rendered to the implied. Some shout; some whisper. Both the poems and the images are accessible, provocative and imaginative, offering understanding at first glance and inviting a longer look to discover more.

Voices from the Susquehanna: Volume II

Volume 2 CoverVoices from the Susquehanna, Volume II is our second collection of works eloquently presented for your reading pleasure. You'll read tales of joy, stories of despair, and crafted poems wherein melodic words paint exquisite, vivid images. You'll gain wisdom, sharpen your senses, reach into your soul, and become part of the characters whose lives fill the pages of this volume. New to the anthology is a collection of breathtaking black-and-white photographs. You'll see how each picture richly shows and tells far more than the proverbial thousand words. You'll savor and share the special moments that inspired our photographers to document them with their cameras.

Voices from the Susquehanna: Volume I

Volume 1 Cover Recipe for a tasty treat: take twelve very different writers and one illustrator, cups of imagination running over, equal parts vision and determination, and more than a generous pinch of patience. Voices from the Susquehanna: Harford County's Newest Writers is a delicious dish of anthology served up by a diverse group of writers unified by their residency, talent, and fresh ideas and styles. Grandmothers, teachers, business administrators, scientists, and sailors--- all are wordsmiths worthy of a satisfying read. Dam Imwold may be the next Micheal Crichton, Lucille Maistros the next Erma Bombeck, and Karin Harrison the next Willa Cather. They are first presented right here. Enjoy the buffet.

Announcements and Events

  • Mary Hastler, CEO of the Harford County Public Library

    Mary Hastler, CEO of the Harford County Public Library

    On November 7th, Mary Hastler, CEO of the Harford County Public Library visited with the group, sharing insight on the inner workings of the library and her vision for the future of the experience for library goers throughout the county. The conversation provided a platform for the group to ask questions about programs and services relevant to the writing community.

    Visit the Harford County Public Library for more information on the many services available in the community.

  • Authors and Artists Holiday Gift Sale 2019

    Authors and Artists Holiday Gift Sale

    On November 2nd, the several of our members participated in this years Artists & Authors Holiday Gift Sale at the Bel Air Armory alongside fellow authors, artisans, and entertainers. The event drew in a festive crowd of holiday shoppers.

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