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Who Dunnit? by Barbara Boyd Gorton

Who Dunnit?

By Barbara Boyd Gorton

Ian Mitchell was a forty-year-old man who knew he was destined for greatness……unfortunately, he was the only one that thought so. Jobs came and went because he was far too intelligent to do the menial tasks assigned to him. He didn’t have two nickels to rub together, but he dressed like a mogul and managed to enjoy the finer things in life. How did he do it? Now Ian is dead. The old ME (medical examiner) would have looked at the body, never noticed the pin stick and that would have been that, just another junkie overdose. But, Val is new to town and making a name for herself as the new ME. Jack is one of the detectives assigned to find out who killed Ian Mitchell. The murder has given Val and Jack a chance to get to know each other. As the investigation into the murder intensifies, will their relationship do the same?A list of suspects emerges as detectives question Ian’s family and acquaintances. These people describe a man with a very dark side who had few, if any, friends. He used people to fund his expensive tastes and drug habit. Blackmail, theft, lies, and deceit are all part of his repertoire. So many people had a reason to hate him. Did one of them hate him enough to commit murder? Or, is the culprit someone unknown to his circle of family and acquaintances? Did Ian mess with the wrong person and make a deadly mistake? Did Ian’s lover, who was betrayed and humiliated by Ian do it? What about his family? They knew how Ian terrorized his mother. Was he involved in a suicide decades before? The detectives also have to consider Ian’s drug use. Was he involved in a drug deal gone bad? Who is Scrubs?Answers to these questions are revealed as the detectives check off the suspects on their list, and learn of other associates who could be involved. Why, how and who did it? And what about Val and Jack?

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Published: October 23, 2020

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