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The Water Tower by Barbara Boyd Gorton

The Water Tower

Angelina and Blake have known each other since grade school. Blake’s goals were to travel the globe and eventually settle down with Angelina in their hometown. Angelina hoped to follow her passion for writing and be the mom every kid wanted to be his or her mom! These dreams are shared when, as kids, they climb the town water tower, and talk about their futures. Angelina loves her town, and is astounded to see the beauty of it from the top of the tower. Blake is happy she enjoys seeing the panorama of their little town, but HE can’t wait to see the world! A scholarship award to study in Paris comes her way. Blake encourages her to go, while he travels and feeds his wanderlust. But his travel is cut short by an opportunity of a lifetime, and Angelina’s time in Paris turns out to be far different than she could have anticipated. As Angelina makes friends, studies and works in Paris, things take a dark turn. Her roommate bails, the new roommate has a baby, and a man is lurking about threatening their safety. There’s a proposal, an accident, a court battle, and greed surfaces, threatening everything folks have come to expect. So much can happen in a year that can’t be anticipated. Some of it is wonderful. Some of it is heartbreaking. In the end, isn’t that what life is all about? We can plan and assume we know what’s to come, but things happen. Relationships are formed, strengthened, then lost. Follow Angelina as she faces challenges that will build her character and break her heart. How does Blake fit into the picture? And what about a surprise trust fund? How will that impact their lives?

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Published: May 5, 2020

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