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The Secret Picture by Karin Harrison

The Secret Picture

By Karin Harrison

Exploring the passenger quarters of the Canadian cruise ship S.S. Keewatin with her parents, beautiful, free-spirited Maria Amoss leaves the group of tourists and stays behind to check out the bridal suite, where she falls asleep. She is awakened by footsteps pounding the passageway, accompanied by loud voices. The tourists, including her parents, are gone. Horror seizes Maria when she learns she has been transported back in time to 1920, and finds herself amidst a hostile takeover by a notorious, elusive band of pirates, whose theft of a valuable painting has spawned the chilling chain of events. Confused and terrified, Maria fears for her life as she embarks on a thrilling adventure where she meets the handsome Sebastian, a man of many secrets. What will become of her? Will she ever see her parents again? Or will she remain in the past with the mysterious stranger?

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Published: July 29, 2019

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