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Old Farts in Space edited by Steven Landry

Old Farts in Space

Edited by Steven Landry

Looking for adventure? Climb aboard The Good Ship January 1955 Beta on a farcical journey to the Sagittarius system. Thirteen passengers – most of them over 70 years old – serve one-month shifts out of stasis to help guide the Good Ship while the crew of four and the other 65,000 passengers remain in stasis – what could possibly go wrong? Aided by computer avatar Joycelyn Effervescent, and robotic companions PHIL and EDNA MAE, the crew and passengers encounter strange phenomena and alien beings, create new relationships, tackle unpredictable challenges, and make a discovery that has implications for the future of Earth. Co-authors Steve Landry, Dan Cassenti, Kate Lashley, Larry Garnett and others have crafted a collection of short stories chronicling the quest for a new home for humans among the stars. While paying homage to the American pop culture in the late twentieth century, the authors of Old Farts in Space: Journey of a Lifetime reveal that for the passengers of the Good Ship, life begins at 70.

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Published: November 1, 2018

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