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A Few of Our Members

Karin Harrison

Karin Harrison was born in Germany but has lived in the United States for over fifty years. Leaving her successful career in the optical field to go back to college, she focused on becoming a writer, and her short stories have since been published in books of anthology, literary journals, and online. She has authored five novels: Hermannís Ruhe, The Wrath of the North Star, The Tainted lens, Coffee and Peach Cake - A Collection of Short Stories, and The Secret Picture. Harrison lives in Bel Air, Maryland with her husband.

Joanne Galantino

Joanne Galantino has always had a strong connection to children and teens, and enjoys creating stories and illustrations for young people. She holds a Master's Degree in Professional Writing from Towson University. Her first children's picture book, Fair Claire Hare, published in 2014.

D. A. Jennings

D. A. Jennings is a storyteller, who observes the world around her, and delivers her findings one poetic line at a time. She provides hope, inspiration and laughter by writing about human frailty, triumph, and the lighter side of life. Her first book, American Sports Legends: Your Turn to Score, is a poetic sports trivia challenge to identify 68 sports legends from 1912 through 2015. Her second book, One Hundred Lives: Life and Nature Poured into Poetry, is scheduled to be published in 2016. A number of her poems will appear in Voices from the Susquehanna, Volume III, also to be released in 2016. Ms. Jennings' educational background includes an undergraduate degree in Broadcasting from the University of Texas at El Paso, a master's in Public Human Resources Administration from Central Michigan University, and graduation from the Army Management Staff College. She helped develop the teaching curriculum for the Harford Community College Writers' School. She holds a special affinity for the American Soldier, based on her thirty-plus years of working as a civilian for the Department of the Army.

Dan Cassenti

Dan Cassenti earned his Ph.D. from Penn State in cognitive psychology. Most of his publications are non-fiction on psychological research, including the book The Mental Representation of Goals, which is available on Amazon for way more than you should pay. His real passion is fiction writing, though. He has published two short stories in literary journals so far which would not have seen print if not for the feedback from the Harford Writer's Group.

Steve Landry

Dr. Steven Landry is the author of the soon to be published novel The Legend of Indian Stream and co-author, with Katie Sank, of the upcoming novel Thirty Maids. He is a retired U.S. Army officer and chemical engineer. Steve is a graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Stanford University. He lives in Bel Air, Maryland with his wife Diane.

Katie Sank

Katie Sank is a Project Manager in the finance industry, spending a good portion of her days enjoying technical specification documents, writing corporate communications, and keeping innumerable lists. When not focused on these dry works of non-fiction, she enjoys writing science fiction. She has published one military sci-fi/alternate history novel The Maids of Chateau Vernet with co-author Steven Landry and a short story titled Cleaning House in the dystopian collection Mass Dissidence.

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