Offering writers a venue for sharing their work with a group of like-minded fellows.
Providing feedback through discussion and critique.
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For those of us who share the triumphs and heartaches of a craft as passionate as writing, we need a support system. Every one of us wants validation to allow us to succeed in the writing world. We want to be encouraged, enlightened, and most importantly, we want honest, unbiased feedback on our work so that we may excel at the craft. Harford Writers' Group provides the kind of support every serious writer needs.

At this time, writers must be at least 18 years old to join.

Harford Writers' Group is governed by the following five principles:

  1. Discipline

    Joining a writing group helps to obey deadlines, be on time for meetings and appointments and fights procrastination.

  2. Motivation

    Meeting with kindred spirits encourages motivation in the face of adversity. Writing is by necessity a solitary pursuit. Interacting with like-minded individualís offers much needed support.

  3. Support

    Members will benefit from the empathy of their more advanced colleges who have been in their shoes at one time. The support is given without being ingratiating.

  4. Edification

    Members learn from each other which fuels a boost of confidence when others acknowledge the value of advice and information. Besides learning and teaching about the craft of writing, ideas are exchanged regarding research, taking notes, locating competitions, publications or agents, preparing pitches and proposals. Remember: Teaching is one of the most effective ways to learn.

  5. Feedback

    Most importantly, the feedback is objective and instructive, free from prejudice and emotional attachments.

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